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Herbal medicine Withania

Herbal medicine

To most people, herbs are used to flavour food: basil, thyme, garlic, onion, etc. Whilst these herbs can help with your health, what we prescribe is much more concentrated and there are over 100 herbs available, most of which are not commonly known. In all traditional cultures around the world, herbs were the main form of medicine, and as knowledge has been shared, we now have even more herbs to choose from. Many of these herbs are gaining a reputation as scientific research is providing the evidence for what was traditionally passed down. When a herbal formula is made, herbs that work together in synergy are used to create a powerful natural medicine. The main brand of herbs that I stock is Mediherb. Mediherb is one of...

healthy lunchbox ideas

Back to school – back to lunches

In the house of any school aged kids, back to school means back to making lunches. What is in that lunch is important, as food gives kids the energy and focus they need for the day. I am surprised to hear from my kids just how many of their peers eat packets of artificially coloured and flavoured foods which are high in energy but low in nutrients. These food additives have been linked to attention issues1, and the refined carbohydrate give a surge of energy, followed by a slump. For me, parenting seems to be a balance of my own ideas combined with that of my kids' peers, so I do use some packets in the lunchbox: plain popcorn, seaweed, a low sugar muesli bar (such...